Friday, January 15, 2010

The birthplace of the President

There has been much speculation since before the 2008 election on the true birthplace of Barack Obama. According to official reports, he was born in Hawaii and therefore, a US Citizen by birth. Some reports, however, say that he was born in Kenya and not a native born American. If that is true, he is not legally the President of the United States. What is true and what is not true?

That is a good question. If it were up to me, he would be stripped of the office because of the mess that will be left when he does leave office, but is there a legal reason to do so, based on his place of birth?

Let's look at the facts. Barack Obama was running for the Democratic nomination for president against Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton, with her husband, Bill, know how to dig up dirt on political opponents. If there were any pieces of dirt to be found about Mr. Obama, I believe the Clintons would have found and used said pieces of dirt.

Therefore, my conclusion in this question is that there is no truth to the rumors that President Obama was born in a foreign country and not a native born American Citizen.

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