Thursday, May 20, 2010

Born that way?

One of the hot buttons for a lot of people in the US today is homosexuality. People who are for Gay Rights say that people are born that way and therefore, it is as much a civil right as the rights that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for. But are people really born that way? Let's look at it logically from a Christian point of view and then from the point of view of evolutionists.

If you are a Bible believing Christian, as some in that lifestyle claim to be, you only have to go a few verses into Genisis to find out how God thinks. He told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. That was a commandment for humanity that has never been recinded. If God wants humanity to be fruitful and multiply, He would not have created homosexuals, since homosexuality does not lend itself to fruitfulness and multiplication.

If, on the other hand, you believe that we evolved, then you have to think about the purpose of evolution, according to scientists. The purpose of evolution is to have a species that can survive. If we were evolving, the genes for homosexuality would have evolved out of humanity, since they do nothing for the survival of the species.

Think about it before you think that gays are born that way

Long gap in posts

I have been neglectful in my posting. I have not posted in quite a while and if I still have any readers, I am sorry. As far as my book goes, I get stuck on one book and go to another project that I am working on. I haven't worked on The Armor in a while, but I have worked on some short stories that I wrote a while ago, updating them and editing them. I have also worked on a couple of other stories that I have been working on. One is a Christian fantasy novel, which is untitled as of right now. The other is written in someone else's universe. It is titled The Butler and the Bat and is a story about Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's faithful butler. I still hope to finish at least one of these books by the end of the year, maybe even more than one.