Monday, February 22, 2010

Smoking on private property

Let me start by saying that I am not a smoker and I prefer to visit establishments that are smoke free. That being said, Oklahoma is talking about banning smoking in eating establishments. Is that a bad thing? Well, for health reasons, I would say no, it isn't a bad thing, but if you think about the implications, it is a bad thing. Smoking is a legal activity. The eating establishments in question are private property. The government is telling the owners of these establishments that they (the owners) can not allow a legal activity on their property. It is eroding our rights as citizens. If you want to say that I can not allow smoking on my property, you need to tell me that smoking is illegal. Next thing you know, they will decide that deep fried foods are not healthy (I know, they aren't) and say that deep fried foods can not be served, or other such nonsense.

Let the owners/operators decide if smoking is allowed in their establishments. If you don't smoke, don't go to a smoking establishment if it bothers you.

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